How to Refresh Outlook Mail Inbox Automatically?

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In case you have ever utilized the Microsoft Office Outlook like your e-mail patron within your private computer, you may have observed some deferral in the time it consumes your received mail to reach compared to while utilizing web-based facilities like Gmail/ Yahoo/ that characteristically auto refresh your inbox records on every occasion a new email is received by your account. In this article, we are going to offer you the method to enable your Outlook inbox to update spontaneously at smaller intervals of time so that your inbox remains up-to-date at all times.

Below we have offered a few steps to make your Outlook inbox to spontaneously get updated or refreshed:

  • First, you have to open the Outlook web application and then click on the Send or Receive button.
  • Then, you have to click on Send or Receive Groups’ drop down box and choose “Define Send/Receive Groups”.
  • In every single account, you need to click on “Schedule an Automatic Send/Receive every”.
  • Adjust the value of the minutes to 30 to an even smaller number. Keep in mind that assigning this value below 5 minutes might give rise to repeated entries inside your inbox.
  • Following the change, you have to close the dialog panel.
  • Then, your respective Outlook Mail’s Inbox is going to automatically refresh within every time interval that you assigned before.

Increasing the Refresh Rate of your Outlook Inbox

It is indeed probable to fix down an individual refresh rate interim of your Outlook inbox.

  • Within the Send/Receive Groups panel, you have to visit the “Setting for group All Accounts“
  • Subsequently, fix the Schedule an automatic value for the necessary refresh frequency. Be careful about the information that too recurrent updates might give rise to duplicate emails in your inbox.

Auto-Refresh the Outlook Calendar

To make sure that your calendar is the latest, perform the following steps:

  • Below the Send/Receive Groups, click on the Edit button provided
  • After that, towards left, make sure that your Outlook Email account has been marked
  • Subsequently, below the Folder Options make sure that the Calendar folder has been marked
  • After that, click on Apply.

Auto-Refresh the Contact Lists or Global Address in Outlook

  • Similar to the section we have provided above, just make sure that the Contacts folder has been marked for automatic synchronization.


To update the Outlook Inbox Instantaneously, Press the F9 button on your keyboard.

We might as well move into the Send/Receive menu and then click on the Send/Receive All Folders, which is going to refresh your mailboxes.

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