How to fix error code 80072ef3

Error Code 80072ef3 appear generally when Xbox use try to sign in to Xbox Live on your Xbox 360 gaming console. It is not only Xbox user getting this error 80072ef3 but some time mobile phone and PC user also getting error code 80072ef3 while updating, but majority while sign in Xbox Live.

error code 80072ef3 xbox live

Error on Xbox Live

error code 80072ef3 Windows PC

Error on PC

Error Massage:

“Sorry There was a problem, Please Try again later Code:80072ef3” or “Can’t sign on to Xbox Live 80072EF3”

Fix Error Code 80072ef3

Method 1: Minor Issue fix basic way

Step 1: Restart your Internet (Restart your Router)

Step 2: Restart your Console (If restart your internet not help you then restart your Xbox console to fix this issue)

Method 2: Advance Method

Step 1: Clearing System Cache

In this step we will clear all caches which is generated by system. so we will clear this cache. Just Press Guide Button then Goto Settings > System Settings > Storage > Highlight Storage device > Press Y > Clear System Cache > Select Yes.

Step 2: Check for and delete corrupted content

In this step we will find any corrupted data and delete then from our Xbox console. Just Press Guide Button then Goto Settings > System Settings > Storage > Highlight Storage device > Games and Apps > Scroll down and check for corrupted files marked with a yellow exclamation point > Delete > Select Yes.

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