How to fix error -2147417851

Error -2147417851 generally appear when try to running the code on Excel VBA. If you are try to run any code on VBA or Excel to calculate for use then if there is some problem with code then you will face this error -2147417851. It is not possible to provide single solution for this type of error its depends upon mistake you have made on code, but we will try to cover as possible solution.
error -2147417851

Type on Error -2147417851

-2147417851 – Automation error The Server threw an exception.

Initialize OrderServer failed: Error -2147417851

-2147417851 – Method ‘LaunchApplication’ of object ‘|LogosLauncher’ failed

Run-time error ‘-2147417851 (80010105)’: Method ‘~’ of object ‘~’ failed

Fix error -2147417851

The chances are the code is trying to reference the object (either Powerpoint or Excel) but the application/object is not available.

Step 1: Go to Macro security and “Trust vbA”

Step 2: Turn calculation to manual.

Step 3: If you still getting same error continues please check your reference carefully.

You can also post your problem on Msdn forum a so, you will get VBA expert reply.

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