How to Change the Outlook Startup Folder

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Whenever you open Microsoft Outlook, it gets the inbox opened by default. It might or might not be the mailing folder that you mostly utilize nor may it be the mail folder that you desire to see, to begin with. It could be a situation that the primary folder, which you desire to open, is the one that provides you with the newest updates on the stocks as well as the technology posts. You might effortlessly alter this action and get Microsoft Outlook to get a definite folder to open when it is launched. Whatsoever you desire to view at first, you may change the Outlook startup folder that you desire viewing or having access to.

In case you have generated a filter to transfer emails from a particular company or sender into the other folder, you might be able to access that folder spontaneously as soon as you open Microsoft Outlook. It is solely up to the person, to choose the folder that he or she desires to access while you get Outlook launched.

The steps that you need to follow so as to change the Outlook startup folder are identical as far as Outlook 2010, 2013 and Outlook 2016! While using Microsoft Outlook 2007 as well, the steps to follow are identical but the menu preferences are somewhat different.

To begin with, you have to click on the “File” tab over the primary Outlook window

Over the backstage window, click on “Options” preference in the dropdown list given on the left side

In the dialog box that opens after clicking on “Options”, click on the “Advanced” option within the listing of the items given on the left side

Within the Microsoft Outlook exit and start segment in the right side, you have to click over the “Browse” button given on the right side of the “Start Outlook in this folder” box.

Within the dialog box that opens next, all the accounts are going to be listed along with their corresponding folders mentioned below them. Choose the folder from one account that you desire making the startup folder and then click on the “OK” button.

After that, click on the “OK” over the Options dialog box.

From now on, whenever you are going to open Microsoft Outlook, the folder that you selected is going to be opened spontaneously.

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