Steps On How to Back Up Outlook Emails for Future Use

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In case you are making use of any email service for work, you are most probably utilizing an IMAP or Exchange account. The servers of the both Exchange and IMAP spontaneously archive the email that you received or sent so that you might be able to gain access to them at any point in time or wherever you want to. In case you possess an Exchange account, verify with your administrator regarding how you would like to access those archived emails or messages.

In case you require backing up your Outlook folders that contain the messages within your PC or Laptop (on top of saving them over the server), you might automatically delete or move the older items making use of the AutoArchive or by exporting those items into a .pst folder that you might be able to restore any time in the future as required and utilize it simply by the importing method.

How to Back Up Outlook Emails Locally

Given below are the steps that would tell you how to back up Outlook emails:

First of all, you need to click on the File menu and the choose Open & Export option.

Then, click on Import/Export option.

From the window that comes up, you need to select the ‘Export to a File’ option, and then click on Next.

After that you need to choose the Outlook Data File (.pst) option, and click on Next.

From the window that comes next, you have to choose only those mail folders that you would like to back up, and then click on the Next button.

Following that, you need to define a location as well as the name for the backup file, and click on the Finish button given below.

In any circumstance, if you desire to make sure that no one apart from you might be able to access these files, all you need to do is enter and approve a password, and then click on the OK button.

Important Note: The messages or the emails that you retain or store in any .pst file aren’t different from the other emails or messages by any means or modes. You might be able to perform all the actions such as reply, forward, or explore all over the stored messages or emails like you do for the other messages.

So, this was the overall process by which you will be able to know the manner how to back up outlook emails. If you found this overall process really easy and it actually worked for you, you might as well share it with your friends so that they may also perform the same steps in case they want to back up the messages or emails. For more suggestions or if you want to say something, you may always do that by typing in your query in the comments section.

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